• Member of the UNFCCC roster of expertsThe UNFCCC Roster of Experts contains information on experts, who are nominated by their respective Governments through the National Focal Points of the Parties under the UNFCCC, to contribute to a number of processes mandated by the COP, CMP, CMA and the subsidiary bodies. These processes, among others, include the reviews of annual submissions of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and supplementary information under the Kyoto Protocol submitted by Annex I Parties, reviews of national communications and biennial reports submitted by Annex I Parties and technical analysis under the international consultation and analysis (ICA) process of biennial update reports (BURs) submitted by non-Annex I Parties. In addition, nominated experts to the UNFCCC Roster of Experts contribute to the technical assessment sessions of proposed forest reference emission levels and/or forest reference levels for the implementation of the activities referred to in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 70 (REDD-plus), submitted on a voluntary basis by developing country Parties.
  • Member of the VERRA (Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)) AFOLU Expert Assessment PanelThe Agriculture, Forests and Other Land Use (AFOLU) Expert Assessment Panel assesses applicants to determine whether they are qualified AFOLU experts who may be approved to assess AFOLU methodologies for use under the VCS Program. Three assessment panel members assess each applicant and make a recommendation to the VCSA. Assessment panel members are experts in their field and have been selected to ensure broad representation from business, academia, NGOs and GHG programs.
  • Member of the Peatland Rewetting and Conservation (PRC) Expert Group of VERRA (VCS)The Peatland Technical Working Group developed existing VCS requirements for peatland rewetting and conservation projects (PRC), released in 2011. The working group was led by Netherlands-based project developer Silvestrum and composed of scientists and technical experts from VCS, TerraCarbon and Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald. Peer reviewers provided detailed technical input to ensure all requirements are practical, conceptually sound and environmentally robust.
  • Senior Fellow, European Capacity Building Initiative on International Climate Change Negotiations (ecbi). The ecbi is an initiative for sustained capacity building in support of international climate change negotiations. The ecbi aims to promote a more level playing field between government delegations to the international climate change negotiations, and to facilitate mutual understanding and trust – both between European and developing countries and among the developing countries.