Country and program assessments




Country assessments are often required by international donors as a starting point for the design of cooperation programs or to evaluate the eligibility of the potential recipient country to participate in an existing donor´s program.  Likewise, country self-assessments are  carried out by governments to objectively identify the needs to be addressed by its programs, including those focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Goverments also need to evaluate the performance of their programs in order to determine their effectiveness and their contribution to the country´s climate change objectives and targets, such as those included in Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), and to report on these results domestically and internationally.

Similarly, international organizations and private entities usually carry out periodic assessments of  projects and programs as part of their regular operations.

Consultancy services offered:

  • National assessments: Development of national (and subnational) needs assessments, as well as of evaluation of compliance with specific eligibility requirements established by donors.
  • Program assessments: Assessment of national and international programs in terms of their performance, mitigation benefits or any other climate and development – related criteria defined by the client.